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U2 began work on Pop in mid-1995.
They arrive in the studio with very little finished material.
These sessions lasted until December 1995, and around 30–40 pieces of music emerged during this period.

At the time, Larry Mullen Jr. was inactive due to a back injury, prompting the other band members to take different approaches to songwriting.
Upon Mullen's return, the band began re-working much of their material but ultimately struggled to complete songs.

After the band allowed their manager to book their upcoming 1997 tour before the record was completed, they felt rushed into delivering it.
Even after delaying the album's release date from the 96' christmas and holiday season to March 1997, the band ran out of time in the studio, working up to the last minute to complete songs.

Pop was initially a commercial success, debuting at number one in 27 countries.
However, the record quickly dropped out of the top ten of the chart.
Pop's lifetime sales are among the lowest in U2's catalogue. It was certified RIAA platinum once, the lowest since the band's album October.

Retrospectively, the album is viewed by some of the music press and public as a disappointment.
The finished product was not to U2's liking, and they subsequently re-recorded and remixed many of the songs for the singles and compilation albums releases.

Pop featured six international singles.

- Disctohèque
- Staring At The Sun
- Last Night On Earth
- Please
- If God Will Send His Angels
- Mofo

"Do You Feel Loved" and "Gone" were also considered for release
A promotional single called "Pop Muzik" was avaible and include the introduciton of PopMart shows. 

Today Pop is the most underrated U2 album.
It features very good and great songs but suffer from production loss of time.
the final mixing of "Last Night On Earth" have a strange skipping cut and "Please" bass line is completly wrong.

Even the band seems to be ashamed about it as the songs aren't played anymore in most of the shows since 2000.

01 - Discothèque - 05:19
02 - Do You Feel Loved - 05:07
03 - Mofo - 05:49
04 - If God Will Send His Angels - 05:22
05 - Staring At The Sun - 04:36
06 - Last Night On Earth - 04:45
07 - Gone - 04:26
08 - Miami - 04:52
09 - The Playboy Mansion - 04:40
10 - If You Wear That Velvet Dress - 05:15
11 - Please - 05:02
12 - Wake Up Dead Man - 04:52

Alternative Tracks:

12 - Wake Up Dead Man (Censored) - 04:53 / Malaysian Cassette
13 - Holy Joe (Guilty Mix) - 05:09 / Japan CD